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At Militello Capital we deliver the advisor two things: exclusive access to smartly-crafted private equity investments and a technology platform designed to enhance transparency and elevate advisors’ relationships with their clients.


We invest in the America that dreams big.  We put our capital where it has the greatest impact to create individual wealth, jobs and improve communities.  Real wealth is created by owning a tangible piece of something with future potential.


With Mil Advisor, advisors now have access to a system to expand existing client relationships and help win new business.  Mil Advisor is experiential by design - advisors can communicate with their clients and with investment managers to help promote transparency and get closer to the deal.

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Militello Capital's private real estate and private equity funds are available to serious investors through select advisors.  Many firms work directly with investors or seek to circumnavigate the advisor.  We honor the human contract by acknowledging the trust placed in us by the advisor.

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Private real estate is an income-producing investment where High Net Worth Investors store their wealth. Often portrayed as an alternative investment, private real estate - "bricks and mortar" - is more accurately characterized as a foundational investment because it is tangible and one of the most easily understood investments.

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Speak with CEOs of our portfolio companies and get a ground floor understanding of the ingenuity, innovation and disruptiveness they bring to the marketplace. They are the real deal and we want to bring you closer to them.

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With our Mil Advisor platform we have taken the pain out of discovering, evaluating and recommending alternative investments to your clients. The days of a simple tombstone are dead.  Mil Advisor has transformed viewing a deal into a transparent and rich media experience.

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3d Investing


Modernize your clients' portfolios by bringing Liquidity, Wealth Creation and Wealth Preservation together using the 3D Investment Model™. Open up a space for alternative investments in your asset allocation strategy. 

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We know first hand the challenges the industry faces.  We produce a wide variety of content specifically designed for advisors.  From new angles on old problems to timely and relevant current issues, we push advisors to constantly improve, adapt and succeed.


resources for AdvIsors

With so much rapid change in the Advisory space, we work regularly to publish content to help you make sense of the most important topics. Our RealReport™ is designed to challenge your thinking and ensure you are taking an honest and forward thinking approach to your business. For the most recent and frequent articles, check out our blog.


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The RealReport™ is the advisor's guide to alternative investments

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Read, share, experience and enjoy content designed specifically for advisors

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Hang them on your wall, share them with clients, spread the insights

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From our monthly webinar series to our self paced video learning program, Advisors can experience insights on topics that are timely and relevant.  We are continually adding new courses, resources and tools to help your firm.

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a platform for Advisors

Inside our exclusive platform for advisors you will gain access to more advanced content and resources.  From understanding diligence on alternative investments to building high performance sales skills, Mil Advisor is a platform every advisor should use.

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At Militello Capital, we help advisors differentiate themselves in order to attract and retain High Net Worth clients and diversify their book of business, making it less volatile and more growth oriented.


We've moved beyond Wall Street to a place where ideas matter, people have names and investing is as much about creating opportunity as it is about increasing wealth.



We don’t view our investments in terms of just numbers and returns. We see the whole picture and review our investments in terms of the people who we invest in, the product they are selling and their impact on our communities and nation. There are many great deals out there, but we’re striving beyond profits and are achieving a double bottom line.


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