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It’s the way real wealth in our country has always been created.  I invite you to join me in a smarter kind of investing.  Investments you can visit.  Investments you can talk to. Investments you can experience.


We are a team of veteran entrepreneurs who invest our own capital in joint ventures with a select group of highly successful private equity and real estate operators. Our focus is primarily commercial real estate. We discover, carefully evaluate, and purchase attractive, well occupied, lower risk properties that achieve immediate income, giving cause for increasing value. We then recommend to our associates that they invest with us in these properties.


We pool talents and resources. Building on our own track records of success, we pool our resources with those of our JV partners to bring about positive outcomes.

We invest in carefully selected projects, only in areas with economic vibrancy. We are presented with many deals in any given year. In considering each, we apply our expertise and experience to conduct careful, proper, and thorough due diligence. We select the best. In our mind, that means investing only where economies are growing.  A critical driver of capital appreciation is a growing population. A rising population drives rooftops, which translates into employment growth and economic vibrancy. 

We respect the business and economic cycles.  We know that the business cycle exists.   Within the same larger cycle some asset classes are expensive and while other asset classes are out of favor and present the telltale signs of opportunity. Possessing the discipline, intelligence and data to discern the business cycle may make all the difference.

Talent wins games, but depth of resources, teamwork and intelligence win championships.  Our joint venture partners are experienced operators with strong, deep organizations. They are experts who source deals, conduct diligence, and manage and operate properties to win championships. They provide our team and you the depth of talent and the confidence that we need to invest.

We close each deal with our own money.  We demonstrate our conviction in each deal the only way that’s meaningful - we close the deals with our balance sheet. We then syndicate each deal to our growing network of advisors and investors - with the goal of adding value through smart management.

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